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…why would anyone get married without you there to draw the day?!

 A portfolio of drawings made on your wedding day

A stunning portfolio of beautiful, hand coloured drawings which capture the unique essence of each wedding celebration.

Sarah Godsill attends weddings as artist-in-residence recording the minutiae of
those off-camera moments as well as the ‘big scenes’ of the day.

The delighted response from clients to Sarah’s creations has been universal and demand for her talents has been growing rapidly.

The collection encapsulates the colour and vibrance of the day as I remember it, while presenting some wonderful exchanges and vignettes that I would, otherwise, be unaware of…”

 Sarah’s presence at the wedding event is always discreet and enables her to include snippets of conversation and visual ‘snapshots’ of precious moments into the final drawings.
Her work is a perfect complement to the official photography.

 “Your talents are extraordinary, Sarah, and so is your humorous, punctilious attention to detail.
Those illustrations are more alive than any photo, and we just love them.
Thank you again, so much, for creating these treasures. They are irreplaceable.’’

The A3 drawings are completed with a frontispiece and presented loose-leaf in a bespoke handmade portfolio.
They are a truly original record, to be handed down and enjoyed by generations to come.

sarah godsill wedding illustration portfolio

 “It’s such a special and unique memento of the day, and we will absolutely treasure the pictures forever.  Thank you.’’

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