a Bath wedding



Although Bath is my nearest ‘big city’, most weddings take me further away from home and I hadn’t drawn at any weddings there until summer 2013.

It was a particular delight that the wedding venue was the very beautiful Theatre Royal, and the charming lead players, Poppy and Christopher, very much involved with performing there.

Guests were welcomed by the elegant guitar playing of Hugh McDonald until it was time to take their seats in the magnificent auditorium of the theatre.

Luckily the stage set was an classical scene befitting a wedding, and the ceremony was filled with music, the bride being part of a choir who sang, as well as a soprano, a tenor and the bride and groom singing solos. Not a dry eye in the house!

From the theatre, the bridal party and guests made their way to Bath Racecourse in VW beetle, dormobile and double decker.
The beating rain was ignored as entertainment punctuated the reception, wedding breakfast, cake and speeches from close harmonies trio, The Bellefleurs, improvisation group, Instant Wit!, performance artist, Rose Popay and swing band, The Zen Hussies.